The Marsco Sustainability Project is the third book of four speculative science fiction novels in The Marsco Saga.


The Marsco Saga is a four-novel set. The first novel, The Marsco Dissident, has been available since 2014. You may buy it via the link below. Book II, Marsco Triumphant, is now available.



Marsco Triumphant is the second book of four speculative science fiction novels in The Marsco Saga.


The Marsco Saga is a four-novel set. The first novel, The Marsco Dissident, has been available since 2014. You may buy it via the link above. Book II, Marsco Triumphant, is NOW AVAILABLE. Look for Books III and IV next summer and summer 2017.




The Marsco Dissident is the first of four speculative science fiction novels in The Marsco Saga.


It is set in a world ruled by a single megacorporation that emerged from the ashes of plagues and wars, when cyber-warfare rendered computer systems nearly inoperable. Now, Marsco commands Earth and its colonies throughout the solar system. Marsco owns all the cybernetics and keeps tight control over who operates computers, using microchips embedded in authorized fingertips.


A note from the author...


I have been working on a speculative science fiction series, The Marsco Saga, for several years.  The first two novels, The Marsco Dissident and Marsco Triumphant, should be available soon as e-book downloads via Amazon.  They tell the story of a post-nationhood world where a single mega-corporation, Marsco, controls everything via its absolute control of computer usage. (Imagine a world run by a merged Microsoft, Halliburton, and Blackwater, the provider of armed mercenaries.) Marsco Terminus, Book III, tells of the final years of this situation.  The Ascendancy of Marsco, Book IV, is the prequel to the nightmare world of Marsco.  Books III and IV will also be available for download but at a later date.  

In this world, Marsco has co-opted science and technology to insure its survival. Marsco uses its raw power to control and dictate who and what it wants. All humans exist with Marsco touching their lives in some way. Into this roiling turmoil, I throw characters who devote themselves to Marsco’s power, who question it, who violently oppose it.

Besides writing and teaching, I enjoy reading fiction ranging from Jane Austen to Pat Barker to Patrick O’Brien to Émile Zola.  I also read widely in history:  the Marsco world is based loosely on the Roman and British Empires. 


Additional notes...

This work is entirely a piece of fiction.  “Marsco” is a completely invented entity, created solely for the purposes of this fictional work.  It is not to be mistaken for any past or currently existing corporation or business.  Any similarity of name or of characteristics to existing corporations or businesses in the use of the name “Marsco” is purely coincidental and a matter of chance.  Similarly, all characters in this work, except known historical figures, are fictional and created solely by the author.  


“A Cautionary Tale”:  The Marsco Dissident eerily mirrors the potential future of our current civilization and its dystopian evolution. A world where nations abandon and cordon off the disadvantaged, a world ravaged by war and disease. Marsco is a global and extra-global entity that has filled the vacuum of post-apocalyptic chaos. It controls key resources while attempting to preserve the status quo of its elites, even while paying lip service to improving the lot of all humans. This is a thought-provoking book with a rich historical context."

David H. Moss


“A big novel destined to become a classic”:  This is a large book with well-fleshed characters and a canvas as wide as the orbit of Jupiter. Zarzana. . . gives us a kaleidoscopic picture of a future where the Marsco Corporation (based out of Seattle) has taken over the world and dominated every aspect of daily life and commerce."

Michael Martin



“The first but not the last”:  The Marsco Dissident has its roots in the governments and multi-national corporations of today and the author does a great job in analyzing what is now to see what it could be ... or may be. The technology is believable and even reasonable. But that is not what the book is about. Several of the characters are searching their minds and hearts to decide what direction they want to go. But of course, just like real life, outside forces intervene to make their decisions for them, or at least send them in unintended directions.

Donald J. Plefka